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Help & FAQ

How do I make a beat?

On the Beat Maker home page, select a genre to start your track. Next, pick one of three drumlines as a base rhythm. Finally, add as many melodies and effects as you want. When you're finished with your beat, select "I'M DONE".

Can I make more than one beat?

Yes, you can make as many beats as you want. Be sure to register to save them.

How can I listen to my saved beats?

While logged in, click on your profile icon in the upper left corner to access your saved beats.

Can I share my beats?

Yes! You can share your beats on Facebook or Twitter or via email. Click the share button next to your saved beat.

Can I download my beats?

No, you can’t download your beats, but you can revisit them in your profile any time until Labor Day or share them to your social channels.

Can I name my beat?

Yes, you can name your beat whatever you want, up to 225 characters including spaces. Inappropriate or offensive language will not be allowed.

I don’t want to register. Can I still make a beat?

Yes, but you will not be able to save, share or revisit it unless you register. You will also not be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win if you do not register.

I don’t want to win cool prizes. Can I still make a beat?

Yes, you can make a beat without registering for the sweepstakes.

Can I mix the sound levels?

No, the levels of the individual sounds are fixed.

Why won’t the Beat Maker load?

Please double check your internet connection. We support current generation browser versions and mobile devices.

Why won’t my beat save?

Please register and log in to save your beat.

How do I enter the sweepstakes?

Create and save your beat. If you are not registered or signed in, you will then be prompted to register to complete and submit an online registration form. You can create multiple beats, but you will only be able to enter the sweepstakes once per week. See Official Rules for more information.

How many times can I enter per week?

You may create a beat and gain one (1) entry per week.

When will the winners be selected?

We’ll announce the winners on or around 08/04/2021.

How will the winners be notified?

Verified eligible winners will be notified by email and asked to provide their shipping address.

What are the odds of winning?

See the Official Rules for more details.

What can I win?

Prize pack includes: JBL® portable Bluetooth speaker, a $10 Apple Gift Card, a grilling utensil kit and an apron.

Can I enter through multiple preferred retailers?

No, you may only enter through the retailer you select at registration.

Where can I send questions or feedback?

Please Contact Us for any general inquiries.

Can I change my password?

Yes, please visit your account page.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Please visit the Official Rules for more details.

What are you doing with my information?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

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